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Call for Papers

EUROFORGE conFAIR 2024 – The only European fair and conference specifically designed for the forging industry

We are delighted to announce the Call for Papers for the EUROFORGE conFAIR 2024, THE European fair and conference dedicated to the forging industry. This event will bring together leading industry experts and researchers from around the world to discuss and share insights on the latest advancements in forging technologies. The event will take place in Milan, Italy on 22-23 October 2024.

We invite renowned professionals in the field to submit their research papers and contribute to this event. We are particularly interested in presentations that focus on the following topics:

  1. Sustainability in Forging: Exploring environmentally friendly practices, energy or material efficiency, CO2-reduction, and recycling initiatives within the forging industry.
  2. Forging Technologies in New Mobility: Examining how forging technologies can support the development of new mobility solutions such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving systems, micromobility and lightweight construction.
  3. Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence in Forging: Discussing the integration of digital technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in forging processes to enhance productivity, quality control, and predictive maintenance.
  4. Innovations in Forging Technology: Presenting groundbreaking innovations in forging techniques, equipment, materials, or processes that have the potential to revolutionise the industry.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Abstracts must be submitted by 31. January 2024 to using the template provided below and stating the headline topic.
  • Abstracts should be written in English (maximum 400 words).
  • Please include a brief biography (maximum 150 words) highlighting your expertise and professional background.
  • Presentations shall not include any advertising of products or services.
  • Authors will be notified of acceptance by 15. March 2024.
  • Eight selected abstracts will be presented during the EUROFORGE conFAIR 2024 conference in the main plenary session, and will have a duration of 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.
  • We will only accept presentations that are being published for the first time.

Accepted papers will be presented during the EUROFORGE conFAIR 2024 conference as oral presentations in the main plenary by leading heads of the industry and academia. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise and contribute to the advancement of forging technologies. The time schedule only allows a very limited number of presentations. These and other presentations may be presented in a poster session.
Please note that English is the official conference language.

Important Dates:
  • Abstract submission deadline: 31. January 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: 15. March 2024
  • Full presentation submission deadline: 30. August 2024
  • Conference dates: 22-23 October 2024

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions and to welcoming you to EUROFORGE conFAIR 2024.


Download the abstract submission template here