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Poster Session

Discover the latest research and innovations in the forging industry at our Poster Session at EUROFORGE conFAIR. Our Poster Session offers a unique opportunity for scientists, engineers and industry experts to present their work and network with their partners.

Title Presenter(s) Institute & Country Abstract
The development and practical implementation of the automated preform design method and software for closed die forging technology N. Biba*, H.-W. Raedt, A. Vlasov, S. Stebunov *Presenter, MICAS Simulations Ltd, Oxford, UK
Repair of Automotive Forging Dies via Laser Metal Deposition Ortiz1, Piera Alvarez1, Maria Azpeleta1, Diego Montoya-Zapata1, Francisco Cordovilla2, José Luis Ocaña2 1Ikergune A.I.E. Inzu Group, San Antolin, Spain
2UPM Laser Centre. Polytechnical Univ. of Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Internal Heating System for Hot Forging Dies L. Ertong*, C. Kömürcü**, H. Darendeliler***, M. İ. Gökler*** *Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., Ankara, Turkey
**AKSAN Steel Forging Company, Ankara, Turkey
***Mechanical Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University, Ankara,Turkey
Transforming Forging Industry Practices with Advanced Material Simulation Dr. Lukas Kertsch, Dr. Maxim Zapara, Dr. Dirk Helm Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, Freiburg, Germany


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